The Jammie Dodgers raspberry flavour is iconic. But what about a Choccie Dodger? For the launch of Choccie Dodgers we created a special edition, chocolate inspired pack design for the core and minis range, including witty inners. We have worked on other special editions, encapsulating their mischievous heritage - including Cherry Burst and new Cola Bottle flavour. The fun and striking packs each have their own personality whilst retaining the core brand essence.


Maryland Treats needed a refresh to drive sales in the discount channel. We kept the Maryland brand cues whilst retaining the strong Treats branding. The range also included 5 flavour variants, where we used pops of colour with clever graphics to increase shelf standout.

Maryland Big and Chunky is a deliciously indulgent cookie but the packaging lacked the excitement and flavour cues. We refreshed the livery by moving away from the Big and Chunky branding, and focused on bringing in dynamic increased appetite appeal with a young and informal sense of fun. By simplifying the words on pack - we were able to let the product and ingredients do the talking.