Deliciously Squidgy Energy since 1938; the Soreen brand needed a boost to unlock its full potential, give it more taste cues and a modern contemporary feel, without losing its core equities. We evolved the brand to give it a brighter, fresher feel using the Soreen brandmark as a brand blocking tool supported by modern, fresh and contemporary colour coding to aid variant stand out. Loaf photography was also introduced to create appetite appeal. For the lunch-box range we highlighted the individually wrapped benefit, along with mum and kid friendly claims, in a fun appealing style.

BETH BROWN - Marketing Director - Soreen

“Tynan D'Arcy understand the packaging and brand identity requirements of a growing brand in an increasingly competitive arena. They have consistently delivered high end creative solutions, on time, and within budget - and we appreciate that they have often gone the extra mile in order to meet our deadlines.”

Seasonal AND NPD

To maximise the relevance of Soreen for all occasions, the team crafted Festive, Easter and Halloween lunch-box loaf packs, appealing to both mum and kids through the fun and playful style. To increase excitement, we replaced the Soreen sunburst with a snowflake on the Festive range, and moved Soreen to Scream on the Halloween range – reflecting the brand's modern, fun and bold personality.

The launch of Fruit and Vegmmms has been the latest NPD, led by the consumer’s need to eat healthy goodness, without compromising on taste. Who knew fruit and veg could be this delicious!