Fancy a Cuppa? Tea drinking is a British Institution, and Tetley Tea has been producing the humble tea bag since the 1940s. Constantly innovating, the range now includes herbal, green, fruit and caffeine free. Tynan D’Arcy were invited to create the look and feel for the new ranges, whilst keeping the core Tetley identity centre stage and untouched. With a challenger attitude - we developed a more artisan and individual style for the fruit tea range in order to elevate the brand positioning to the core target market. Innovative and health beneficial, we then created the Super Green range with added vitamins. The design further enhances the emotional benefit cues on pack and the range continues to go from strength to strength, with the design allowing for ease of pack navigation and range extension.


Working heavily with the European team, Tynan D'Arcy have designed and rolled out the new Tetley look and feel for the French market. We kept a strong nod to the UK's architecture but added a premium feel by introducing the use of gold on pack along with classic English iconography. In addition to this, we brought to life the fantastic biodegradable eco credentials Tetley France now offer.