We are proud to have worked alongside Valspar to launch a revolutionary new paint brand; V&CO.

The objective was to craft both the identity and pack livery for a new super-premium paint brand, one that was uber contemporary but had a twist of heritage, appealing to both 'discerning creative experimenters' and 'affluent assurance seekers' alike.

The name V&CO reflects Valspar's heritage, dating back to the roots of the brand when in 1832 the original ‘Valentine & Company’ (now Valspar) was launched.

The simple, premium stylisation of the pack design reflects the brand's rich and saturated colour palette whilst the brand's core benefits of a premium Dead-Flat Matt finish can clearly be understood.

The result is a highly successful, aspirational yet achievable, brand offering with an understated, stylish look and a deep and meaningful brand name story behind it.